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Hospitality Industry

Welcome to LodgingGuide's hospitality industry listings for the Edinburgh area.

The history of Scotlandís capital began at the site of what is now Edinburgh Castle, around 79 AD. After a succession of Romans and Celts, the Picts, Angles, Britons and Scots who ultimately took control of different quadrants of the country united as Scotland under one king, in the 11th century. Over the centuries that followed, its population and infrastructure have expanded, but Edinburgh has managed to preserve many of the original historic buildings and churches, particularly during the 1960s and 1970s, when an active group of preservationists persuaded the cityís massive expansion and renovation program to conserve rather than replace these priceless structures. Now, Edinburgh is one of the better historically preserved cities in Europe. As a side benefit of these preservation efforts, the industrialization that usually comes with increasing population and expansion has largely been concentrated instead in Glasgow, leaving Edinburgh to develop more as a community of professionals and academics. The University of Edinburgh is a dominant force in the community, and its Institute of Astronomy, formed in the 1800s, is the world renowned leader of research in active galaxies and how stars are formed. The Instituteís Royal Observatory is one of the finest planetariums in the world, open to the public, and still occupies its original buildings. Whiskey ('uisge a bheatha,' or 'water of life'), cheese, beef, sheep and fish are Scotlandís main products, supported by the fertile soil of the highlands and nurtured by the warm Gulf stream on the north and west coasts, which helps Scotland maintain a livable temperature even in the winter months, and gives Scotland its world famous deep misty green hue and clean highland air. The terrain and climate produce isolated pockets of farmland that differ slightly in composition from neighbor to neighbor, producing the kind of product quality competition and local loyalty one finds among French vintners for the same reasons. Edinburgh, where it all started, is a great base from which to explore Scotlandís rich history, agriculture and its breathtaking mountain scenery.

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· Edinburgh · Downtown Edinburgh
Lodging located in the greater Edinburgh area. Lodging located in Edinburgh's city center near Charlotte Square and the Waverly Station.
· Edinburgh Airport · Surrounding Communities South
Edinburgh Airport (EDI) is located about 8 miles west of downtown. Surrounding communities located south of Firth of Forth.
· Surrounding Communities North    
Surrounding communities located north of Firth of Forth.  

Area Facts: Edinburgh covers an area of 100 square miles. The international dialing code for the United Kingdom is 44.

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